What Temperature should I serve your wines at?

Jim Sheppard  Feb. 3, 2018

Sometimes I use the term: Cupboard Chilled.

That is the temperature I like to enjoy our Elderberry Wine at.  It means that the wine has been stored in a cool dark place, for example, near the floor of your enclosed pantry.  This is an ideal temperature to start at for our dryer wines like Elderberry and Cranberry.  

The Huckleberry and Raspberry are nice going from the cupboard to the refridgerator for about 20 minutes.  Just to give them a little chill.

The Rhubarb and Pear are great being completely chilled all day while your at work, then ready to enjoy when you get home!

Definately experiment with our wines and your particular taste.  You won't completely ruin it if it's not at an ideal temperature, and there is always next time.

Rule of Thumb: 

The colder a wine is served at, your sense of the wines' sweetness decreases and sense of acidity increases.


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