Where is your vineyard?

Jim Sheppard  Feb 3, 2018

We don't have a vineyard, or a farm.

We don't use grapes to make our wines, just the fruit on the label.  Elderberry Wine is made from just Elderberries.  So, there is no vineyard.

Well then, where's your farm?  We skipped ahead on this one.  We started winemaking by gleaning the fruit we needed from the wild, and from old orchards in the area.  As the winery grew, we turned to local pickers and suppliers for all of our fruits.  

I cannot beat the prices that get our fruit for.  I have picked a lot of Raspberries, Pears and Elderberries to know it would cost me almost ten bucks a pound just for labor!  No, thank you, when I can get most of the fruit I need at any time and for much less.  We grow, pick and use what we can.  The rest I will leave to the pros!


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