Wow, it's been a while...We are growing like crazy and it's hard to keep up.  Keep up to date with us on Facebook!


We bottled 55 cases of Huckleberry and 65 cases of Pear wine earlier this month, and it's on sale now.  Both are going quick.  You will need to try the Elderberry, too.  The fruit is foremost on your palate this year, then the smoky notes follow, yum.


Wow, the Huckleberry wine sold fast!  We will have more next Spring.  Wild Blackberry was also done in a small batch for this year and is fantastic.  Hope to see you at our Wine Tasting Room to try all our wines.


Our new labels are here to compliment our new wines.  Also, we will be switching over to clear-flint bottles in the near future, to show our wines' beautiful colors.  First impressions are everything!


Picking Blackberries now.  Let us know if you have any that need to be picked!!!


Back to Summer Hours.  We will be open every day 12 to 6 pm.  Call us...208-689-9523.


Winter hours are now in effect for our wine tasting room in Harrison.  Hours are Thursday thru Saturday, 12 to 5 pm.

Check the "Retailers" section of this site for a retailer of our wines near you.



Started three new ferments: Blackberry, Cranberry and Pear.  Rhubarb will be done in a month or two.



Grand Opening of our wine tasting room in Harrison, Idaho.



Setting up a storefront in Harrison, Idaho.  Send us an E-mail with your Contact information, so we can notify you of our Grand Opening date!